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Progression in the palm of your hand.

Effective practice blends enjoyment with improvement.

Effective practice blends enjoyment with improvement. We've developed the world's first driving range handicap: the Inrange Handicap®. With virtual targets that scale to each player’s Inrange Handicap® and simple-to-interpret, yet deep numerical data, it has never been so easy for every player to see their progress over time.

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Welcome to your personal in-bay touchscreen. 

Everything you need to make your session more structured, more productive and more fun is a few taps away. 

PRO-TIP: Take 2 minutes to create an Inrange profile and log in each time you play with fast QR code access. After your session, head to the Inrange App to seal of your shot data, dispersion charts, challenge leaderboards and more. 


Don't practice. PLAY. 

A social golf experience like nothing else.  

Immersive games that are just as fun for a complete beginner as a scratch player. 

Use your skills to out-play your buddies in any of our four exciting new games. 

Shoot for the range leaderboards with our addictive skill-based challenges.

All from the comfort of your own bay. 


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Inrange 'How to Guide'

Welcome to the future of the range. 


How does Inrange work?

How accurate is the ball tracking?

What is the difference between Inrange, Inrange App and Inrange+?

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